“I believe in” ♪

Posted on julho 4, 2010


Insônia + música = postar a música no blog *-* asushasuh Sim pensadores, eu estava ouvindo uma música, que eu já tinha, mas não tinha parado para pensar na letra dela. É linda, remete à várias situações e me identifiquei bastante. Vou postar aqui, já que meu blog, também serve para os meus pensamentos e sentimentos. Espero que vocês gostem, se não gostarem, bom, tanto faz, eu gosto. *-* uaehae

I believe in – Jennifer Love Hewitt

I saw the news today,

a teenage boy, blown away

another mother’s lost her only son.

He learned his way at school,

fighting is the golden rule,

for twenty dollars you can own a gun.

I saw the words in red,

someone painted “Love is dead”,

on the sign above the football field.

I had to turn away,

it hurts my soul to think that way,

when love, is what is real.

[chorus] ‘Cause I believe in,

I believe in love,

and I believe in

the miracles in us.

And no matter what they say,

they can never take away

what I believe in.

In 1942,

a demon army trampled through,

every inch of her forgotten town.

The family hid away,

a secret place above decay

and there they lived and breathed without a sound.

She learned to write that year,

of every scream she’d dare not hear

and every tortured soul, she one day moved.

One day the soldiers came

and marched her family to the train

and left her diary right in the street

and it read:


Why is it that we can’t help but look for

a crack of light in the darkest sky?

When will we come to understand

that through right and wrong,

love’s the only thing that’s real

So here we go again,

fighting ‘til the bitter end,

better off to go our separate ways.

And as you slam the door,

I swear that I will love no more,

but you can’t believe a word I say

and that’s right.


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